Tips for Paris

“We’ll always have Paris”

-Howard Koch


After our tour of Italy- we took a small plane from Venice and hopped over to Paris to grab a croissant. NBD We were only in Paris for about 48 hours, and it was the end of our trip so we wanted to be more chill in Paris and enjoy the last couple days. #extra

Honestly- I had heard of so many mixed reviews on Paris, some love it- and others say it smells and its dirty. So I definitely did my research before we went!

The thing about Paris is- its just like New York City or San Fransisco- where there are SO MANY things to see and do- and so many different areas to stay.. with that being said- there are great spots- and spots to avoid.

PRO TIP: Go to pinterest and search “best neighborhoods to stay in Paris.” Look for the ones written by people that have actually LIVED in Paris.

One would think -that staying by the Eiffel Tower would be easiest and most convenient… and most cliche…However, its actually not the best part of town and isn’t close to much.

We wanted a place where we could walk to eat, shop, and spend our night life, so we rented an Airbnb that did just that!

We stayed on “rue du Perche” and we couldn’t have had a better location. We literally walked everywhere.

This picture below was taken on a side street by our flat.

As we were walking around there were street performers that we ran into- talk about flashback in time- think this picture below describes it well. It felt like I was in an old movie- where all you had to worry about was which croissant to pick for breakfast.

One thing that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend is going down to the “riverwalk” and spending the day there. There are bikes you can rent- restaurants to eat at – yoga classes for people watching 😉 and the amazing Paris air to breathe.

The picture below is part of the riverwalk on the Seine River.

PRO TIP: Take bikes and ride all over the city- this was a common thing on our trip- it was the best and cheapest way to get to and from places.

Fun Fact: Most of the chairs face out towards the street so you can people watch (see below) You typically sit NEXT to the person you are having a croissant with… not across!

Of course while you are walking around… stop into a shop or two! There were many brands we recognized- and a lot we didn’t. This brand (see below) is one of Todd’s favorite, and we found it in Paris!

Where to Eat:

  1. Anyplace with Croissants- Honestly- there are places ALL OVER that have these- so browse a little and pick the cutest atmosphere, you really can’t go wrong.
  2. BecaManfred (samedi & dimanche) – Brunch
  3. Twinkies Breakfast (tous les jours) – Brunch
  4. Breakfast in America (tous les jours) : 4 rue Malher 75004 Paris – 0033 1 42 72 40 2 This is where we got our “American Breakfast”. It was seriously how they advertised it on their signs!Breizh café (crêpes) 
  5. La Candelaria (tapas & cocktails)
  6. L’As du Fallafel (fallafel)
  7. Pink Flamingo (pizza) 
  8. I have an entire list our Airbnb gave us- so comment below if you would like it!

Ballin’ on a Budget Tips:

  • Book an Airbnb close to places to eat and hang out. Research the neighborhood you are going to book in- there are so many articles on pinterest
  • Uber if you must, but otherwise be daring and BIKE!
  • With eating so many carbs… eat a late brunch and then dinner to condense your meals. Snack on croissants throughout the day… then just work out when you get back 😉
  • When you visit the Eiffel Tower- Go at night. They have a light display and it is SO MUCH prettier at night. (We went during the day and at night) Bring a bottle of wine and sit outside the Eiffel Tower to enjoy the view!