Skincare That Gives Back

You guys know we love to try new products!

This week, a mom that recently launched a home-based business selling handmade soaps reached out to us.  These luxury bars of goat milk soap are 100% natural- so clearly they caught our attention.

For every soap box sold, a bar of soap is donated to underprivileged women and children in the poorest parts of India.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we love to rave about other like-minded women, and especially when we love their products:) These soaps relieve dry skin, help with anti-aging, fight acne, balance the natural pH of your body, and are anti-inflammatory.  These soap boxes make for incredible gift sets, and you can find the products here.


1. Relax

Oh. My. Goodness. This soap smells absolutely incredible and lives up to it’s title big time.  Relax and Revitalize are currently tied for my favorite scent.

  • Lavender Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap
  • Saponified Oils: Coconut, Olive, Palm, & Grapeseed
  • Essential Oils: Lavender
  • Other Ingredients: Goat Milk, Spring Water, Ground Oatmeal, & Ultramarine Violet Oxide

2. Revitalize

Who needs an afternoon pick-me-up when you have spearmint and peppermint essential oils?  This soap is incredibly energizing, and it truly helps clear your mind when you have had one of those days.

  • Peppermint Goat Milk Soap
  • Saponified Oils: Olive, Coconut, Palm, & Grapeseed
  • Essential Oils: Spearmint & Peppermint
  • Other Ingredients: Goat Milk, Spring Water, Mint Leaves, & Liquid Chlorophyll

3. Repose

I heard one time that out of our 5 senses, our sense of smell has the strongest connection with our memory.  There is something so nostalgic and special about this soap scent, and it brings hundreds of memories to my mind while I use it.

  • Warming Chai Goat Milk Soap
  • Saponified Oils: Olive, Palm, Coconut, & Grapeseed
  • Essential Oils: Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, & Vanilla
  • Other Ingredients: Goat Milk, Spring Water, & Ground Cloves

Please do yourself a favorite and check out this amazing home-based business.  You will be 100% satisfied with the products, and it gives to an incredible cause!