12 Week Competition Prep


Train for a competition the right way.  These days, most coaches charge thousands to put their clients through severe diet and exercise regimens.  The result?  Severe damage to metabolisms, hormones, and overall health.  What does that mean practically?  Uncontrollable post-competition weight gain, reproductive issues and low libido, and imbalanced hormones (which can lead to disease and even cancer).  Competitions are expensive enough on their own.  After coaching myself through one, I did not meet a single competitor who wasn’t miserable during their prep.  You’ve probably heard the routine- 1,000 calories and 2 hours of cardio a day, no more than 50g of carbs, etc.  Each of them were popping 5-10+ different diuretics that morning and consumed less than 1 ounce of water all day.  They were dehydrated, exhausted, and desperate to drop that extra 2-3 pounds of stubborn weight.  I understand where they come from… it’s so hard to look in the future and care about your long-term fitness, metabolism, and weight-loss goals when you have invested so much time and money into a competition… you want to look your best, whatever it takes!

There is a better way, and it is achieved through prioritizing your metabolism before starting your prep.  With a fast and high-functioning metabolism, dieting and training for a competition should be a piece of cake.  When prepping for my competition, my calories stayed above 1,700 a day, I performed only 2 sprint sessions a week as cardio, and I lifted weights 4-5 days a week.  My fat melted off effortlessly.  I dropped 10 pounds in 12 weeks, and I placed 4th overall in the largest NPC competition in history.  This is solely because I worked on my metabolism before I started my prep.

Let’s kill this thing together!

Please complete my consultation before purchasing this product.  I will need to assess your current health status before accepting you as a client.


-12 weeks of resistance training customized to your available equipment, days you can train, and fitness goals

-12 weeks of personalized nutrition calculations and coaching

-Nutrition guide

-Weekly check-ins & updates, and 24/7 available support

-Daily glute activation sequence

-Cardio program

-Supplement recommendation

-Training guide & tips for optimal development

-Posing tips (I recommend at least one professional session with a local posing coach)

Questions: imperishablekj@gmail.com