4 Week Nutrition Program


“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

Our bodies work hard. We need the necessary fuel to sustain our lifestyles, workouts, hormone production, and hard-working bodies!  We are plagued by the idea that we need to constantly diet in order to achieve our dream bodies.  Drop 5 pounds?  Diet.  Bloated?  Diet.  Summer is around the corner?  Diet.  Your wedding is next month?  Diet.  Not happy with your inner thighs?  Diet.  While short-term diets can be effective if done well, long-term diets are detrimental to our health.  Our bodies are created by God to survive.  When we place ourselves in a calorie deficit, our survival mechanisms kick in to slow our metabolisms, store fat, decrease the amount of calories burned during our workouts & daily activities, and disrupt regular hormone production.  We’re exhausted, we can’t lose the weight, so we respond by adding in more cardio and eating less food.  This can lead to permanent metabolic damage if not stopped and reversed.  The purpose of this program is to assess your current nutrition, calculate personalized macros that are adjusted weekly to raise your metabolism, and give you the resources necessary to succeed.



-Nutrition & lifestyle assessment

-Weekly macros and check-ins

-Nutrition guide

-24/7 support for questions, comments, or concerns

-Daily weigh-ins required


Questions: imperishablekj@gmail.com