Positano (Amalfi Coast)

“Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there

and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.”

John Steinbeck

The Lonely Planet

The Lonely Planet –I remember googling Positano for the first time- my thoughts were “this is it, this is a dream turned into reality.” Then quickly added it to my top 10 list.

A few years later, our ferry rounded the corner of the Amalfi Coast and we laid eyes on the most breathtaking coastal city we have ever seen, Positano. Cliffs that were aching with carved out houses in their side and greenery that grew up along every man made obstacle all reflecting in the crystal blue Mediterranean sea.



SUBMERGE after you first arrive, get lost and dive in to the romantic town of -Positano-

From the hustle and bustle of tourists to the sun setting over the Mediterranean, this place is indescribable and a once in a lifetime experience.

Morning Views from our Airbnb were out of this WORLD! Waking up to this everyday was worth the trip itself- God’s creation left us awestruck!

Truth: People aren’t exaggerating when they say the city is made of stairs.

“Tutto Succede”

Our first full day we spent 8 hours in heaven on the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea… (p.s.  there are no sharks- it really is a dream) 

From cliff jumping, swimming in caves, snorkeling, and filling up on appetizers and gelato- we had the time of our lives!

Our driver Francesco was raised on the Amalfi Coast and had been driving a boat since he was 8… WHAT!? … i think i just got out of diapers at 8…

-His girlfriend, Anna,  (who coordinates the details) came on the tour as well-

The tour would NOT have been the same without them- !!!

Random Fact: Ben Carson was on this boat a few months prior

That night we came back and went out for a dinner over looking the sea with late night drinks at a more than swanky swank hotel… its the one you see pasted ALL OVER pinterest with vines growing up the sides.. ya you know what I am talking about.

the perfect way to end the day

The next day was spent at a family owned beach club- this is ideal because the main beach in Positano can get SUPER crowded- especially during high season.

So PRO TIP: Make reservations at the club to enjoy your own cabana and beach to yourself! 

And kids… if you only have one meal in the world left to eat… THIS IS YOUR PLACE.

It has been in the family for years, it has the most PRIME location, and the food is SPECTACULAR. First off- they pick you up in a cab from wherever you are staying for an adventurous ride up the mountain.

They then serve you 4 courses- and each course has 4 dishes… with bottomless drinks. Need I say more?? The kitchen staff plays music, the meat is cooked in front of you- they are incredible and honestly- I just can’t say enough about this place. 

Off to Florence! We packed our bags and stopped in Sorrento on the way.. to see a detailed version of transportation CLICK HERE-

Of course we ate at a ton of places and have SO many stories... more than I could ever type (with my long piano fingers!:)

See below for the list of recommends musts and tips and tricks.




Must do:

  • Boat Tour- a full day on the Mediterranean Sea- I can’t say enough 
  • Limoncello- all around the world people drink limoncello after dinner everyday. It originated in Positano and is the perfect souvenir to bring back
  • Walk of the gods- beautiful view of the area
  • Snorkel & Cliff Jump-

Ballin’ on a Budget Tips:

  • Book an Airbnb close to the bottom of the hill- so that everything is walking distance
  • Book a dinner at the top of the mountain that includes transportation so that you get a view for no cost!
  • Be careful when you eat at the bottom of the hill- they jack the prices up just for convenience.
  • Keep a water bottle so you don’t have to pay $5.00 every meal for water