….What Lifestyle?!

Want to read a blog on

  • Ugly Renaissance Babies
    •  Lonely Cheetos 
    • Breaded cats (WHAT!!!!?)
    • Hungover Owls

yes those are real blogs (probably making more than I do in my career job!?)

There are blogs for L.I.T.E.R.A.L.L.Y everything these days and here we are writing a blog… so why does the world need one more?

We’ll give you the short and sweet answer.

How many times have you caught yourself in a scrollfest. scrooolllinnng and scrollinggg and then you catch yourself wanting to try a new diet or workout, buy a $10,000.00 purse, and renovate a house.

Social media has the tendency to make anything look attractive- and I mean ANYTHING <when in reality >  90% of social media content is smoke and mirrors <it looks good- but doesn’t work>

I travel 55% of the year for business, often work nights/weekends, and frankly-my days look different every week!! I needed help with what fit MY crazy lifestyle, what should my priorities be and how does that look in my situation.

What we hope to accomplish in this blog- is to help YOU find the best solution that fits your lifestyle.. and not making you covet ours. – Yes its great to be healthy, yes its incredible to travel, and yes we love natural things- but does reality look the same for everyone? Absolutely not.

In a world filled with quick fixes, fad diets, and social media’s fleeting beauty, we are here to help you navigate. Instead of chasing temporary results that produce lasting damage, we are passionate about empowering you with well-researched truth to make decisions that create a lifestyle of longevity, radiant beauty, and fulfillment.

We are so pumped you are here and we are excited to walk this journey with you!

-Jenae & Kori

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